Brick is such a familiar medium used in architecture that the ability to change feel and appearance of a color is often overlooked. A building’s unique character and subtle shadows can be achieved through various textures. Summit Brick Company | Powered By:offers a wide variety of textures in many of the sizes and colors we offer. The textures listed below are what we are able to manufacture and we also have the ability to apply many of these textures to our oversize and Uniwall (structural) units. Please consult plant for availability of a texture, size and color combination.



Smooth Distressed Face


Grain Distressed Face


Tree Bark

Vertical Scratch






Rustic Vertical Scratch

It’s the fine details that turn an ordinary design into a masterpiece. We offer a wide range of ornate shapes and corners that allow you to add the final touches, letting your attention for detail come to life. The ability to express your taste and feeling is very important to us and we offer custom shapes and corners that give you possibilities to be creative. Our design team will work with you in order to come up with the shape or corner necessary for the project. If you are interested in custom shapes or corners, please contact us so we can get the process started to putting the finishing details on your creation.

Below are just four drawings of sample shapes that can help customize your project.

Modular Bullnose

Modular Lip Soldier

Modular Lip Stretcher

Modular Sill

You can also contact us to request a physical brochure be mailed to you. Thank you for choosing Summit Brick Company, and we looking forward to hearing from you!