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With all the color and texture options of Glass Block, the design options for your home, office, or commercial building are endless. Contact Summit Brick today for additional information.

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Finding a material that is both energy efficient, cost effective, and allows unlimited artistic freedom is something many architects, contractors, designers, or homeowners are looking for. Summit Brick offers something that meets all of those needs: Glass Block.

As a homeowner, you certainly want your home to be beautiful, welcoming and comfortable. But as the “you” in do-it-yourself, you also want a reasonable cost, a relatively easy installation and longevity. Glass Block offers you everything!

How exactly is Glass Block for efficient? Standard Glass Block windows have the same energy efficiency to thermal pane windows. They are airtight, so heat and cold will not get in, or out! Glass Block windows are made to have thick-walled, often textural, exteriors with an approximate 3-inch gap of air in the middle. This large air pocket of air is the secret to their energy efficiency. Though the air was initially created to make the block cheaper and less dense, it also adds an insulating factor. The interior dead space traps air, so the light that shines through gets trapped making it stay warmer longer.

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